#1 Victor

Hello, Hilde. My name's Victor. I am your 414.
Nice little site (I mean your playground).
It is very nice joke about three types of mathematicians. It took 2' to understand it. First Famous Quote (with vice versa) is little rough for me.
Guess, how I found you?.. Net Search "supaplex". This's a game name, isn't it? I liked the game till 99 level. Do you have extra levels?
It seems to me you were in USA. You may add place 'Do not worth to visit' -Detroit, I'm living here and would prefer something like Univ. of Michigan with its Ann Arbor, near here, nice small green town.
Yours, Victor.
P.S. Say me ([email address removed to prevent spam]) something about Supaplex.

#2 Ranka Jovanovic

Hi Hilde Anita!
I'm 39, I am a computer journalist currently living in Johannesburg, but I come from Bosnia.
My husband and children enjoyed playing Suppaplex back at home. I haven't been able to get it in South Africa.
Do you know how I could get a copy?
My e-mail address: [email address removed to prevent spam].
I like your home page, particularly the quotes. :) Ranka Jovanovic

#3 Barend van Vreedendaal Vlissingen

hello Hilde, nice playground do you have!
I was looking for some information about the game supaplex and the internet search gave your url.
But, you said that you are the supaplex master? Is that about the game supaplex? I wonder..... please send me a message!
Is there a contest or something like that?
Barend van Vreedendaal Vlissingen The Netherlands
[email address removed to prevent spam]

#4 David Johnston

Hi, I'm David Johnston ([email address removed to prevent spam]).

I first started playing supaplex on an old Compaq DesqPro computer (yes, an 8088-based computer with VGA graphics.) A rarity to be sure. Slow as hell, but the graphics made using such a bad computer more bearable.

Supaplex went twice as slow as normal on that computer. I assume that the game syncs to the video refresh, but the 8088 couldn't handle that. So I got through about 50 levels on that computer.

The next year I had a much better machine (486dx-33). It was comparatively so fast on that computer, though, that I had a really hard time, and I stopped for quite a while.

When I started playing again, I had accidentally erased my player file, so I had to go through all the levels again. after a few levels I got fed up and I hacked the player file to get me back up to level 50. I played that for a little while. Then the player file got erased again, and I stopped playing for a long time.

Then I came back to the game about two months ago. I decided to just sit down and try to bore my way back through all the levels. I was lucky enough to recruit a friend to get interrested in Supaplex, and having someone else to talk to about it kept me into the game.

I had done web-searches before for mentions of Supaplex, and hadn't found anything. One day I decided that the web was growing so fast that I might as well try again. So I did, and I found Hilde's home page.
Of course, I emailed her immediately, and we've been corresponding since.

I'm now up to level 71, where I'm hopelessly stuck. I'm thinking about skipping it :)

#5 Mario Flipphi

Hi Hilde
Help me! I'm desperate for clues and/or cheats for the game supaplex of which it appears that you are the only one in this world who might be of any help.

My name is Mario Flipphi (no, I'm not an Italian)
email adress [email address removed to prevent spam] (the Netherlands)

Greetings,....... Mario

#6 David Starer

Hi Bruce here from Australia, you know southern hemishpere, kangaroos beaches and Mel Gibson.
It is great to know that there are other players of the game in the known Universe. You start to doubt yourself when no one has ever heard of the game, much less played the game.
Are there any more levels to the game, or similar games to be had anywhere.
One poor imitation, stress the POOR, is Bolo. If you have any questions or answers for me, perhaps the only Australian player please drop me a note via courier pigeon(it is Australia after all) on [email address removed to prevent spam]
Sorry no picture, I don't want to be held responsible for startling small children.

#7 Gillian Dite

Hi Hilde,
I found your site by searching for Supaplex.
I bought the game about two years ago and played it constantly until I got about two thirds of the way through. Something became corrupt in the game (it went all weird on the screen) and started doing ugly things to my computer. The problem was eventually solved but it meant that Supaplex had to go.

Ever since then I've been quite disappointed that I never got to the end and no other computer game has come close to the enjoyment I got from Supaplex (except maybe for Cosmo). Anyway, the reason for this e-mail is that I want to ask if you have heard of anyone having similar problems and if so what is the solution (I'm not sure I still have the disk though). Or is there way for me to get a copy of the game which won't destroy my computer?

Gill Dite
[email address removed to prevent spam]

#8 Maarten "Elmer" Egmond

Hi, I got to your page via David Johnston.
He got a copy of my SUPAPLEX level editor via http://www.stack.urc.tue.nl/~ep/product.html
I can't see the pictures here, but I'll try again later with a graphical browser!
Bye! Maarten 'Elmer' Egmond.

#9 Peter McNelly

Hello from Canada!
My name is Peter McNelly, and I am a fellow Supaplex fanatic. I cannot believe I found this Web Page and that there are other Supaplex lovers out there.
I was beginning to suspect something about this game when I could not reconcile how wonderful it was with the fact that almost nobody here had ever heard about it.
I was indroduced to the game by my brother in California in the Spring of 1994. I was hooked immediately. Finally, nine months and some 350 hours later, I beat the game for the first time.
I put it away for a while but could not resist going back. After that I beat it four more times. Now I am trying for my sixth complete run-through of all the levels. I expect be able to do this in about 30 hours of playing time. My goal is to get through the game - all 111 levels in less than 25 hours.
My copy of the game does not appear to have any help files (if they ever existed). Also, the security code entry does not work, so I just sign in with any old number I choose.
From this, I conclude that someone else stripped out certain functions from the game before passing it along on some Dos disk.
After some searching, I located the address of Digital Integration in England and wrote to them seeking more details about the game. But apparently they have not heard about customer relations. because all I ever received from them was a brochure about their war games. Nothing about Supaplex.
Since then I have found out that it was invented by a group of English students and that there were apparently copyright problems in North America due to a similarity between Supaplex and a game called Boulderdash (which I have not seen or played).
In any event, I love Supaplex. It is the best puzzle game I have played since chess.
Also, I wonder whether my copy has been stripped of some playing functionality, because I can only move Murphy around on the arrow keys and have to play the game right handed (I'm left handed).
Notwithstanding this, it is a delightful and maddening product. I wonder: Is your copy of the game set up in such a way that once you "die" in a level you must start that level again from the beginning? That's how my copy works.
Also, I read a newsnet article that said the game was too fast on a 486 computer. I want you to know that that's not true in my case. I have a 486dx33 with 8 megs of ram and it works just fine.
Favorite levels? Most problematic levels? What are yours?
I like Phil's First, Find the Way, Chaos, Crash, and Trouble Ahead (which I think is the greatest level in the game - the most classical).
My most troublesome levels are Pre-Ignition, Pathfinder, and Timing.

My e-mail address is; [email address removed to prevent spam]
I am 50 years old, a former journalist and TV news producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
I now work for a communications conglomerate in their corporate training and development division.
Please write back, for I would very much like to swap Supaplex tales with fellow devotees.

Regards, Peter..

#10 Leviy

hi hilde,
my name is leviy(nickname)
I was very pleased to find a supaplex page. It's defenitelu the best game ever made.
I'm playing it for the second time now, just because I haven't been able to find a second part or more levels or something like that.
Now I copied the speditor. Hopefully I'll be able to handle it ( or my computer:386 16Mhz)
By the way, I've have managed to finish every level! after replaying the skipped levels.
Now , for the second time , I haven't skipped any ( in about 30 hours. The first time it took me about 120 hours to complete the game>

My e-mail is : [email address removed to prevent spam]
If I can make new levels , might it be possible to send them to anybody on the $ looking for new levels???

greetings from holland , Leviy

#11 Rico

hi I am Rico from Holland, i am a big fan of the game Supaplex.
Can you tell me if there is a part II of the game ????
my e-mail adress is : [email address removed to prevent spam]

#12 Ricardo Zambrano

Hi Hilde, Beautiful Place!
you have a beautiful place here really, My name is Ricardo Zambrano and I'm a computer engineer.
I'm 25 years old and since i have 23, i've been playing Supaplex.
Here in Venezuela is one of the more-played games. i would like you send me some e-mail, thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR?


#13 Michael Duerig

Really nice playground!!
Guess how I found this site? Philip Jespersen - the author of supaplex - sent me your URL just a few minutes ago. I think he's very excited about your site.
BTW I noticed you like parties, so if you like to see what's on here in Basel (just in case) visit my Partypage at http://www.eye.ch/~mduerig/index.html Michael [email address removed to prevent spam]

#14 Philip Jespersen

My god Hilde!

You gave me the shock of my lifetime!
By curiosity I typed into 'inktomi.berkeley.edu' 'Supaplex' and found your and many other Supaplex sites. It sure feels great that people out there on planet earth seem to enjoy 'Supaplex' which I originally wrote many years ago on a 512KB RAM Amiga 2000.

I know that there's a Apple Macintosh Clone called Infotron out there - which is great - but I never knew that a PC Level Editor exists! I thought till today, that my lousy, only for me and Michael Stopp useable Level Editor from 1988 exists (the PC Levels are converted from the Amiga Levels).

Great Stuff! I like the quote, that Supaplex is your Game #1 ;-)


Philip Jespersen
e-mail : [email address removed to prevent spam]
WWW : http://www.eye.ch

#15 Michael Stopp

Hi Hilde!

As you might have seen in the header of this email, my name is Michael Stopp and I am actually the same Michael Stopp that is mentioned in the credits of SUPAPLEX.
I was quite suprised when I first visited your homepage. I really didn't know that there were still so many active supaplexers around these days.
For me and my friend Philip Jespersen this was like meeting a lost child, since we created this game in 1988/89. Given the speed of development in the computer business this is really centuries ago. But SUPAPLEX is alive, as it seems!

Maybe you already know this, but otherwise it might be interesting for you to hear that SUPAPLEX was originally a game for the Commodore(R.I.P.) Amiga. By the way, it was called 'Think!' at that time, but due to some trademark conflict this name had to be changed for commercial release of the game (but internally we still tend to refer to the old name; watch closely and you'll see references to this name in some of the levels).

When we had finished the Amiga version, we sold it to Digital Integration and they commissioned a 1:1 portation for PC. So I really don't know what this David Whittaker is talking about (I refer to his comments on Peter Broadribb's page), when he's speaks of 'a college project that turned into something more'. (It was actually us, who had to play through all the levels of the PC version to see if they were still possible to solve before the PC version was released.)

It was only last summer that we heard of a SUPAPLEX clone called 'Infotron' that had recently been written for the Apple Macintosh. Check out http://www.mbhs.edu:80/~dpeck/info/infotron.html for more on that.

When I now see that there's even a level editor available I almost get the impression that our little child is still growing...
(By the way: Digital Integration once planed to release a 2nd part of SUPAPLEX and I even started to build some 20 new levels - really tough stuff - but I don't know, if they would be possible to solve on a PC)

Okay, I think that's all for now (I want to check out this level editor...).
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


PS: I even have my own personal homepage at http://www.eye.ch/~stopp (but it's much less spectacular than your's!)

#16 Robert Peaugh

Dear Hilde,
Thank you for the tips. I can't wait to try them out!!!
My name is Robert Peaugh (pronounced like "pew") and live in Evansville, Indiana.
I have only been playing this game for about two weeks and I am still learning how to maneuver thru each level.
I have an associate degree in computer programming and I'm looking for work, but right now I work in a grocery store.
My son, Joshua, who is almost four years old, loves Supaplex and begs for me or his mother to play it daily:) :)

So.....how's the weather in Norway? We 're getting over some snow recently. And I love your homepage...It is great!!!!! :)

#17 Ed Sadok

Ms. Hopen:
Where can I purchase a copy of Supaplex?
Do you know of any site that I can contact and download the game?
Thank you for your attention to this request for help.

Ed Sadok

I was able to download the game. My young son has quickly adapted to the game and finds Supaplex most enjoyable.

#18 Herman Perk

Hi, Hilde, I'm a Supaplexer and Phillip Jespersen told me, that you might have a modified Supaplex.exe for PC's, that doesn't run too fast on computers with a non-standard VGA card.
(It seems, that the play-speed is determined by the line-frequency of the chosen graphics mode.
Do you have it?
If so: can I get it?
Herman Perk, Berlin, Germany E-Mail: [email address removed to prevent spam]

#19 Bill

Hello Hilde, I was suprised to find supaplex in your home page.
I have been playing it on and off for almost a year I got it from a friend at work and he has since left.
The one thing I have not fiqured out and has stopped me is how do I pick up a utility disk and place it. If you could help me with that one I would be grateful.
Thanks and great page
My e-mail address is [email address removed to prevent spam]
Thanks and again I really enjoyed the page bill


Hi Hilde
Here a message from a big Supaplex-fan from Holland.
I played Supaplex with lots of pleasure on my 8088 computer, although I didn't reach the end of the game (I'm up to level 110 with 3 skipped levels).
Since two months I own a pentium computer and I'm very disappointed the game is too fast for my computer to play. Do you have any solution?????

With kind regards.
[email address removed to prevent spam]

#21 Christian

Hi Hilde, Great site!
My name is Christian, I'm a librarian and live in Québec.
Just started playing Supaplex and it's really addictive but I'm stuck at level 22. I know this going to sound stupid : ) for all you Supaplex masters but how do you move those orange disks? I'm playing with a keyboard not a joystick.
I've tried everything I could think of - CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, etc. keys nothing seems to work.
Hope you or someone else can give me a hint.
My email address is [email address removed to prevent spam]
Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.

#22 Jorma Halonen

Hello Hilde!
It was very big joy for me to find out (with help of Digital's Alta Vista Search Engine that there also other Supaplex fans in the world.
So I read Your pages and then sent a message to Peter Mc Nelly who has passed all the levels.
He was so kind that he immidiately answered and gave me some hints and (before all) HOPE that every level of Supaplex can be solved.
You have very funny home pages! They are so nice visually. Best regards Jorma
(e-mail: [email address removed to prevent spam]) (www: http://www.kuopio.fi)

#23 Yves Levesque

I'm a 30 year old programmer from Montréal Québec and I have started to play Supaplex recently.
I am stuck on level 23. In your Supaplex page you say that you can place a red utility disk after you picked it up. Can you please tell me how I can do this?
Merci Beaucoup.
Yves Levesque Progress Programmer
e-mail: [email address removed to prevent spam]

#24 Tor Egil Løvli

Hei ! Jeg er også en SUPAPLEX fan.
Er en gutt fra Sandnes ved stavanger, 29 år. Siden du også er SUPAPLEX fan så kan du kansje hjelpe meg med et nivå som jeg ikke finner ut av.
Jeg er kommet til nivå 47, men nivå 35 måtte jeg gi oppp. vet du hvordan man løser dette nivået?
Mitt navn og adr. : Tor Egil Løvli [email address removed to prevent spam]
Dette er adressen min på jobb ( har ikke internett hjemme) Jobben min er i Nordsjøen så det kan gå en stund mellom hver gang jeg er pålogget. Mitt navn på pratesidene er GOURMET.
Ser frem til svar fra deg.
På forhond TAKK MVH Tor Egil

#25 Keith Plunkett

Hi Hilde,

I thought Supaplex was dead until I searched on the Web and was pleased with what I found.

Last year I spent 165 hours on the game and got stuck on level 107/108 with levels 88 and 93 skipped. I now help out the three eldest children of a friend of mine who are still struggling in the levels before 50.

Today I downloaded Elmer's level editor just to explore the levels that I never reached or access. I shall be using it to construct some levels of my own for my friend's children to play.

Keith Plunkett
[email address removed to prevent spam]
Basingstoke, UK.

#26 Mart "Lucky" Verheul

Hi Hilde,

I was very surprised to find not just one Supaplex lover, but evidence of many.
You have a very cool homepage!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

Greetings from Holland,

Mart "Lucky" Verheul
[email address removed to prevent spam] /[email address removed to prevent spam]

#27 Gene

I've been Supaplex fan for years, but lost the game due to virus a couple of years ago. I was really surprised to see that people still love the game and dedicate pages to it, but there's no new versions.
I'm from Ulan-Ude (small town in Siberia) now live in Chicago since '93.
My son calls the game 'Red rolling ball'

Thanks for keeping it alive
My e-mail address:[email address removed to prevent spam]

#28 Jeff

hello my name is jeff
([email address removed to prevent spam])
i need some help with the level 63 (phils first)
if i could receive any hints please
i do not want to use the editor to get past as i have played each level without cheating

thank you

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