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My name is Hilde Anita Hopen, [email address removed to prevent spam], and I am Supaplex-master at HsM.
Because of this I have had lots of fun, and I have made friends with people from all over the world.
You can read some messages from these Fellow-Supaplexers of mine here!

If you like the screen-dumps of the game, or LOVE the game already, please contact me. I would really like to get in touch with all of you Supaplex-lovers out there!!


In this game you play the part of Murphy, the most intelligent creature to walk the face of a gameboard.

Supaplex is a labyrinth game in which you have to solve different problems and gather up a fixed number of Infotrons.

If you are able to collect enough Infotrons, and make it to the Exit, you will be allowed to continue on the next level of the game. There are 111 levels, all of them not equally difficult, but all equally fun!

On your way to fame and glory you will meet creatures which only want to kill you. These are called snik-snak, electron and bug.
The electron is a little helper though. If you kill it you will get (max) 9 infotrons.

You have 3 kinds of utility disks available; these are:
The Orange disk, they will fall down and explode if you remove what they are placed on top of.
The Red disk, you are able to "pick" them up and place them wherever you may want them. These disks explode right after you place them out. Don't wait around for the explosion!
The Yellow disk, you can push them around to the places you want them. They explode when you press the terminal.

(See below in The Cast for pictures)

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New Levels


Supaplex Level-Editor, and other Supaplex software

It is written by Maarten Egmond, and he has done a great job writing it!!!
Please visit him to register as a user of the Level-Editor. Then he will inform you of any new versions of the Editor.

He has created a Register of all levels made of you Supaplex-Fans out there.

Here are some screen-dumps from my GAME #1!!
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