BoulderDash History

The hope is to give some info about how Boulder Dash was originally created, made into a game, released on various platforms, and how the clones came and whether they affected sales of commercial Boulder Dash. I have little enough info at the moment though.

In this document:

Making of the game

Hopefully Peter Liepa will be able to fill in this gap a little. :)

Commercial history

With any luck, this section might include info as to when Boulder Dash (the commercial game) was written and released for various platforms.

I'm aware of BoulderDash being released on the following platforms:

Peter Liepa writes:
The original Boulder Dash was for the Atari 400/800, and was ported to C64 about a year later. There was also a PC version published by Electronic Arts.

Commercial BD is not totally dead [Sep 1995]. There were Nintendo and GameBoy ports a few years ago, and possible new ports to other platforms and OSs are being contemplated.

Andrew Bennett has written some stuff about the history of the BBC/Electron official implementation, released in Jan 1987.

Oh no! The clones are coming!

Getting comprehensive info about clones may be difficult, but if there's any info I can obtain, this is where I'll put it.

Isn't there some phrase that says, "imitation is the highest form of flattery"? If so, I'd say it's rather appropriate. The sheer number of clones released really do indicate that Boulder Dash was and is a fantastic game.

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