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Please note that this is a copy of Peter Broadribb's Boulderdash website. He has disappeared off the internet (unfortunately), and this copy here is not updated anymore (also unfortunately). If you are interested in a very nice (free!) BoulderDash clone, check out my main site: Supaplex. Also, I am making a similar game of my own: Igor. Have fun!

Maarten Egmond (current host of this website)

Welcome to the source of all BoulderDash related info! Ensure your seat belts are fastened, and please discard your rubbish in the plastic bags provided rather than throwing it out the window. Enjoy your journey!

BoulderDash (also spelled Boulder Dash) was a very popular arcade-style game on the Commodore 64 (C64) and other computers in the mid 1980s. It has been so popular that many people have attempted to write their own implementations, sometimes with improvements, other times faithful to the original, on other newer computers.

Although I never completed a version of BoulderDash myself that was good enough to let other people have, I have done a fair bit of research into the exact workings of the original BoulderDash I from the Commodore 64, and I am now making this information available for other people so that all my work may not be for nothing.

I have tried to extract the key information from my work to present here. There may be things that you wish to know about the workings of BoulderDash I that is not presented here; if so, email me and you might be happy to discover that I can help you.


  • History of the commercial, real BoulderDash
  • First Star Software
  • Info about other commercial implementations
  • Links to other Internet resources
  • Boulder Dash Fan Club (Germany)
  • Info about people who have had something to do with BoulderDash
  • Programmers' Information about implementing BoulderDash

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