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Supaplex Download and Install

Igor - The Time Machine now officially released!

If you like Supaplex, you will like Igor - The Time Machine even better. A completely modernized version of a game in the same genre, but an even greater challenge. Download the free demo version today!.
(If you are looking for level editors, or other addons, and you already have the game itself visit the
software addon page.)

This page will discuss the following:

  1. What is it?
  2. Installing Supaplex
  3. Playing Supaplex
  4. What else you should know

Chapter 1 - What is it?

If you want to know what Supaplex is before you download and install it, you can read the "What is it?"-page.

Chapter 2 - Installing Supaplex

This chapter will explain how to install Supaplex, and the SpeedFix.

Chapter 2.1 - Supaplex, the game itself

To install and play the game, follow the steps below. Please note however, that Supaplex is a very old game, so it may not be easy for you to do this. If you do not understand these instructions or they do not work for you, please read the information in the FAQ about What to do if the game does not work.

  1. Download supaplex.zip (click on the link)
  2. Double click the file supaplex.zip, and unzip it to a directory (folder) of your choice. If you get a strange result after double clicking, or Windows tells you it does not know what to do, please visit www.winzip.com and download and install Winzip from there.
  3. To play, simply run the executable spfix63.exe that you can find in the folder where you unzipped supaplex. Note for Windows 95 and above: With the age of the game it becomes increasingly less likely that this will work for you. The game may not start up, freeze the computer or show random garbage on the screen. If this happens to you please read the information in the FAQ about What to do if the game does not work.

To use certain features in Supaplex, you may need to use command line options. For more information about this, please refer to the Supaplex FAQ: How do I use command line options in Windows 95 and newer?

For more information about which commandline options you can use, you can check out the SpeedFix documentation (the file SPFIX62.DOC) or you can look up the question about what you want to do (e.g. play new levels, record a demo, view a solution, etc.) in the Supaplex FAQ.

Chapter 2.2 - The SpeedFix

Some notes about this chapter:

  1. If you have (just) installed Supaplex via chapter 2.1, you do NOT need to read this chapter, since you will already have the latest version of the SpeedFix.
  2. If you already have Supaplex, but not the SpeedFix, you should install the SpeedFix. This chapter will explain how. (Why should I use the SpeedFix?)
  3. If you want to install a newer version of the SpeedFix than you currently have installed (when a new version of the SpeedFix is released) you should read this chapter.

I will assume you have downloaded the latest version of the SpeedFix from the software page. If you haven't done that yet, please download it before you continue.

To install the SpeedFix, follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the archive spfix63.zip (the number in the filename may be different depending on the version number) to THE SAME DIRECTORY as where you have installed Supaplex.
  2. Now you can run the executable. It's named SPFIX63.EXE, but the number "63" may vary depending on which version you have. Please check out which files are in your Supaplex directory to find the correct name of the executable.
  3. Windows users who have created a shortcut to Supaplex should change it to run the SpeedFix in stead of the original game (or the old version of the SpeedFix). If you don't know how to do that, you can create a new shortcut, and then delete the old one. For more information on creating a shortcut, check out how to create a shortcut.
  4. Please note that you should NOT run SUPAPLEX.EXE anymore, if you still have it. If you don't like the speed at which the SpeedFix runs, please read the Supaplex FAQ "Why is the SpeedFix so slow?" for more information about this.

Chapter 3 - Playing Supaplex

A step by step guide to your first game:

Chapter 4 - What else you should know

When you get stuck with something (a level, a problem, etc.) please, please take a look at the Supaplex FAQ first, before contacting me about it. There really are a lot of answers in there!

If you like the game, maybe you will also like "Igor". It's a similar game, only much more modern and with a lot more objects. Take a look at the Igor homepage if you are interested.

If you need to contact me, you can take a look at the contact information.

Copyright (c) Elmer Productions (contact us)

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