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This page will discuss the following:

  1. Objects in the game
  2. Some game concepts

Chapter 1 - Objects in the game

If you just read this, without having played the game, you might be confused with the amount of information. Don't worry. It's not that hard. You should just play the game, and check back here in case you want to know something about one of the objects in the game.

I will use a few special "tags" for certain common features of the objects. These are:

Chapter 2 - Some game concepts

Here are some important things you should know about the game.

This is an important feature for the higher (read: more difficult) levels. A level begins with a default gravity setting (either on or off) and inside a level, this can be changed by special one-way Ports which will switch gravity on or off when Murphy passes through them. Murphy can't see the difference between a normal Port and a switch Port, so you will have to find out by going through them.

When gravity is OFF, only zonks, infotrons and orange disks fall down, all the rest stays up "in the air" when the tile underneath is cleared. This is usually easier to play with than when the gravity is on.

When gravity is ON, not only zonks, infotrons and orange disks fall down, but also Murphy himself will fall down if he can. The only way to go up, is to "eat" your way upwards through base, because while Murphy is doing that, he won't fall (This is used in some levels to let Murphy walk over a chasm of some sort, or to get back up high.)

Available keys
For a list of keys you can use while playing, please refer to the keys list.

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