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Supaplex for Amiga

Igor - The Time Machine now officially released!

If you like Supaplex, you will like Igor - The Time Machine even better. A completely modernized version of a game in the same genre, but an even greater challenge. Download the free demo version today!.

This page will discuss the following:

  1. What you need
  2. How to play

Chapter 1 - What you need

Note: I will assume you know your way around computers well enough to get these tasks done. If you don't know how to do this, then you should not be playing around this in any case. It may be possible for this to crash your machine, or do other strange things. Use at your own risk!

You will need the Amiga-version of the game, WinFellow (an Amiga emulator for Windows) and an appropriate kickstart ROM.

The Amiga version of the game can be downloaded as a zip-file here.

WinFellow can be downloaded from the WinFellow website. (For a direct link to the binary, click here.)

To obtain a legal version of an appropriate Kickstart ROM, visit Amiga forever. More information on Kickstart ROMs can be found in their FAQ. You could also do a websearch to see what you can find. I think you need Kickstart ROM v1.3 for Supaplex.

Chapter 2 - How to play

Note this is not a fool-proof 'howto'. Feel free to experiment if you think you know better, or the provided configuration does not work for you.

First, extract the files from WinFellow to a suitable location. Extract the files from the Amiga version of Supaplex to the same location (winfellow.exe and Supaplex.adf should be in the same directory). Also put the Kickstart ROM (file is probably named kick.rom or kick13.rom) in the same directory.

Start winfellow and click on the ... for disk image DF0 and browse to Supaplex.adf.

Next, click on 'configuration' and set the following options:

If you want, you can save this configuration as supaplex.wfc in the same directory.

When you are ready, click on 'start emulation' in the main WinFellow window. This should fire up a new window in which the 'Amiga' loads. Depending on your computer speed, it may take a while (a minute or so?)

After an Amiga-screen, it should show a blue screen with white text. Press the 'fire 0' key (left mouse button if you have selected a mouse). This should turn up a yellow screen for a few seconds, and then the familiar Supaplex screen. If you wait a bit more, some other screens will appear, and the game will start.

If the yellow screen is stuck and nothing happens, your display settings may not be correct.

Tip: Alt-F4 will close the emulator screen temporarily. If you click 'start emulator', it will continue where you left off. In the mean time, you can change configuration options (not sure if all will be processed though). If you get stuck, you can use the 'hard reset' button. After this, the emulator will start 'clean' again.

Enabling both gameports (as we did in the configuration) will allow you to use the mouse in the main menu, and the keys in the game. If you have no mouse control, you can try starting with keyboard, and changing it to mouse when the game is launched, or fiddle with the gameport options in other ways.

Last note: When you click on the 'new player' option, not all characters may be useable to enter a name. This may vary on your machine, but I had trouble with some letters.

Copyright (c)
Elmer Productions (contact us)

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