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Terms and Conditions for submitting new levels

By submitting a level to the website, you agree to be bound by the terms described below. These terms are subject to change without notice.
  1. You must have made the levels you submit yourself. You will be solely responsible for any copyright-related issues. Do not submit levels that are made by others!
  2. Naturally, any level that you submit must be finished and solvable. Once submitted, there is NO WAY we can do any updates to the levels if you discover problems, so check and recheck your levels before you submit them!
  3. By submitting a level (and solution) you grant Elmer Productions the unlimited right to distribute your level (and solution), for example, but not limited to, on the website or on CD-rom. You can revoke this right at any time by written notice (90 days notice), however, Elmer Productions still has the right to continue distributing the level on any already prepared media that can not be changed (for example CD-roms in inventory).
  4. Elmer Productions reserves the right to reject any levels it does not find suitable, and may also reject levels that were originally accepted. Elmer Productions is the sole party that decides whether a level is suitable or not.
  5. If possible make your level larger than 16x8 squares. This will encourage others to get the full version of the game, and thus help us maintain the website. We will accept smaller levels if they are entertaining enough, but please do not submit a series of small levels, as we will most likely not accept them.
  6. Make sure the 'Author' is set correctly for the level (in the level editor). 'Unknown' authors will not be accepted.
  7. Record a solution to the level and make sure the author for the recording is also properly set. Solutions with 'unknown' authors will not be accepted. Please refer to the help included with the game for more information about making recordings.